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A great portrait captures not just the way a person looks, but the essence of who they are.

The Consultation

At Saskia Marina Photography a consultation is required it is part of the creative process. Together we will navigate the ins and outs of your photographic session and more importantly, we will get to know each other. 

The shoot

Your photo shoot will be designed around the consultation. 


At Saskia Marina Photography we focus on quality over quantity. Only the best images from your photo shoot will be given to you. Each piece is retouched and edited to natural perfection, enhanced just enough to highlight the moment and reel the viewer in. 

reveal, design & ordering

Enjoy a custom slideshow & view your images on YOUR virtual wall. Know exactly what your photos will look like BEFORE you buy. Choose from albums, archival prints, digital negatives and show-stopping wall art. Purchase only what you Loe and what compliments your style. Your are ordering with confidence.